More jobs for all because that would have a positive impact on my bakery.
I leave for Mexico. This trip is not a getaway nor a search or necessary change, but a natural departure or transition between emotional countries where I will confront a circumstance of personal catharsis in a kinder scenario and in more agreement with my vital time, nor the social time. What do I expect from 2013? That it goes by and goes by pretty.
I hope that during this year the economic and work problems are solved to be able to little by little have a chance of owning a house and be able to start a family with all guarantees.
I have good projects for 2013 on a personal level, but society lets me down, what do politicians have to do so that we kick them out? The current system does not work for the “average joes”, it only works for “some”, when will we stop this? These are the answers I’d like to see in 2013.
Our society need to experiment big changes. Constant growth in all economic sectors is impossible. We need to change to overcome the crisis.
I hope to finish the year the way I started it and to continue cooking lunch for my children on Sundays.
I’d like that the end of 2013 came with great doses of order, good sense and responsibility in the healthcare world, as they are greatly needed. Personally I’d like to keep on learning and soak up all the knowledge I can to become one day a good surgeon.
I’ve been three years without getting anything (from the land) and things are looking bad. I am not getting anything and feel frightened.
A difficult year for the economy of the average Joes, not so much for the dominant classes, politicians, big business owners and people with riches not coming from salaries. I’d like that a change of mind in those who govern us took place in the sense of giving more relevance to the wishes of happiness of the people without thinking too much about the economy.
I think the recent history we’ve live goes to prove me that the only thing worth caring for is our environment (the personal on above all) and I hope to be able to keep on doing so and becoming part of someone else’s environment.
We are not yet seeing the clarity at the end of the tunnel, I don’t see a significant improvement from last year. My biggest wish is that the young people could work here, in their country.
Better life conditions and more respect for moving forward.
Stangeness, perplexity, catastrophe and renaissance. It is impossible to separate the lights from the shadows. Under the same sky both disaster and complete reconciliation have room.
In my opinion this year can be defined as “very complicated”. We are living the transition between the industrial age and a new age, the one of the information society. As with every change, it needs the transformation of all structures: political, social, economical, etc., etc. I am optimistic for the future, if we are capable to have the exaggerated state interventionism leave way for the individual initiative.
It is paradoxical that in a society of humans there is such lack of humaneness.
This is a really sad year. The work is nonexistent. Every day many businesses close and people get laid out, people with families to support and that do not know how they will manage. In my particular case after 2 years and 6 months unemployed the time has come when you lose the faith in finding a job and you pay it with your loved ones.
The physical state I’m in and the emotions it entails are like a metaphor of the complete social context of this year: intensity, fear, unrestlessness but above all happiness, hope and a lot of faith in mankind. 2013 has given me the clarity to know what I want for myself and to pass over to my son.
I want Spain to get out of the crisis and that nature is cared after. I want my former classmates to have a good life and that in Australia I can have the chance to become a marine biologist. I hope things go well in Melbourne.
think that part of the current problem comes from an exaggerated interest for money, business, consumerism. I wager for a more conscious society, that values other aspects more related with the individual and his personal development.
When doors are closed windows are opened. But drafts of air can be real bad.
On a political level it is a disaster. On a personal level very bad because I’ve had to suffer several losses of friends and family. On an economical level very bad (preferred shares), but sales are good.
This year the mothers to be have reached a small price and on top of that they bring in lambs from abroad so the price goes down and reaches rock bottom. I would like that all the women in the countryside didn’t have such a hard time. (The form has been filled by 2013 by the will of Carmen. His words have been literally transcribed and have been validated by his signature)
On a personal and a professional level it has been a good year. But the current situation impregnates us with a climate of grief and mistrust that I hope changes little by little. I’m hopeful that we learn to value the things that are really important in life.
Every year, every day, every instant, is a gift of the Love of God, although many times we do not see it that way. Every day of this year, God has been knocking on the door of your life and mine too, not for judging us nor the intention of forcing us to love Him, but rather to give us the biggest gift the human being can receive: His eternal love, love that is the reason of our existence, love that will be your tears and will grant you a new dawn. When this love reaches inside your heart, you then realize living is a gift. This year I thank Our Lord and Our Mother, the Virgin Mary for all the love they have spilled over my life and over all your lives.



Tired of the current economic and social situation being measured and told using parameters such as external debt, risk premium and other macroeconomic indicators, we decided to portray different people to create a story made of images and words to narrate 2013. This project came up from the need to record the image of current society for two main reasons: to understand and not to forget. The proposed record does not have a scientific structure, it does not want to establish kinds or types, it does not attempt to discover universal truths. It is just an approximation, a draft, but maybe it could be useful to better understand a period so complex as ours.

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