The Miner's Struggle

A coal mine in the town of La Robla, León, paralyzed by the strike.
A miner at the entrance to the coal mine of La Robla, León. The mine remains paralyzed by the strikes
Dozens of miners hold an assembly in the middle of National Highway 630 in Ciñera. They must to decide to lift the road blocks or not.
A masked miner and several women in the village of Ciñera. Make nose by bang stones against the railings, waiting for the arrival of the Civil Guard
A woman looks at a barricade of fire on the National Highway 630. Dozens of miners blocked the road near the village of La Robla. Miners from other villages like Ciñera also participated in the action.
Demonstration of miners in the city of León, capital of the province of León. Thousands of miners from across the region went to protest against the cuts.
Miners set fire to several tires inside the train tunnel that links the province of Asturias to Madrid, in protest of the cuts to the Mining Sector.
A miner climbs up a hill to see whether the police or civil guards are on their way. Meanwhile his companions build barricades across National Highway 630 in Ciñera.
Several miners launch home made rockets at the Civil Guards on National Highway 630 in Ciñera. The road remains cut off for hours.
Civil Guards attack the town of Ciñera. Miners and Civil Guards fought for hours with rubber bullets and home made rockets.
Three miners fire home made rockets at the Civil Guard, using a dumpster for protection. The town of Ciñera after over an hour of fighting.
Miners celebrate their victory over Civil Guards that day. After a hard fight, the miners expelled to the Civil Guards from the town of Ciñera.



Ciñera, A Fight for Survival

There are several coal mining regions in Spain.    The government cut backs in the mining sector, has threatened jobs.  Ciñera is a town in northern León and here, as in many other parts of the region miners have cut off the roads with barricades and are fighting police and Civil Guard in protest of the situation.  In Ciñera almost everyone depends on the coal for a living, either directly or indirectly.  The loss of government subsidies to the coal mining sector, will create a huge job loss, and will threaten the well being of the entire town.

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