Diary of Hunger

Requests for asylum throughout the European Union have increased, while in the three southern border countries, Italy, Spain and Greece, they have significantly decreased. However, it is in these countries where “border externalization policies”, promoted by the European Union as a whole, are being implemented with most force. These policies prioritize the obsession with border security and control over humanitarian issues or matters related to the rights of migrants and refugees.

We watch the daily news, we are updated nowadays about every scandal thanks to social media, we learn about world's most terrifying truth behind closed doors, doors that may never open until someone has the courage to showcase what human beings really go through. But how does it feel to perceive this information? Do we really get it "stuck" in our head or do we just receive the information "meaninglessly"?

Agosto and the film director Mireia Pujol took the decision to bring the world's most known drama of migration to our eyes. They showcase to the world what is behind the scenes everyday through a film of the most sentimental minutes you could ever watch.  A Diary of Hunger is a true story. An everyday true story. Now, what do we want to do about it? Are we going to accept this tragedy? 

Mireia Pujol

Director: Mireia Pujol / Executive Producer: Rafael Montilla / Production: Agosto / DoP: Borja López / Camera Assistant: Sergio Da Eira / Sound: Alejandro Gianni Tognarelli / Editor: Lucas Nolla / Colorist: Xavi Santolaya / Consulting and Production: Sergi Cámara and Blasco de Avellaneda / Linguistic Advice: Agnés Agboton, Manuel Serrat, Delphine Kouakou / Transaltion: Bea Omist / Post-Producer: Daniela Borges / Prod. Assistant: Miriam Girona / Laboratory: DeLuxe / Format: 16mm / Grade: El Ranchito / Sound Studio: BSO / Post-Production: Metropolitana de Muntatges.

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