The Last Summer


After the cuts announced by the government on July 11th,  NOPHOTO made the decision to document the most inhospitable and daunting summer of our recent history.   Just in case, there were to be no more summers.  Or if summer were to disappear totally from our lives.  This blog therefore, chronicles a state of restlessness.  Its contents are fragile and discontinuous, much like the precarious times we live in.  It is intended to describe and revive the emotions of summer, an endangered experience.

Founded in 2005, NOPHOTO is a contemporary photography collective that aims to make unconventional individual and collective projects viable.   The collective is characterized by its open content, an interdisciplinary thread in its forms, the use of multiple supports such as the web and digital projections when distributing projects, and the personal involvement of its members during the creative and production process.  NOPHOTO takes negation as its starting point. NOPHOTO is not an agency of photographers, but an ATTITUDE. A way of seeing. A revolution. A ‘NO’ (where there’s never enough).
  This aesthetic attitude makes NOPHOTO not renounce any kind of creation or exhibition. Works by the collective offer an experienced view of the everyday, which always leads to the extraordinary. This process is the result of group reflection and interaction among alternative creative processes.

“It’s not that we like to take the opposing view; it’s that we enjoy walking slowly, clumsily, observing minute differences between things, discovering their rhythms. Trying to describe an object, turn it on its head, comb its surroundings and cover the entire perimeter. Asking ourselves what it’s made of and what role it plays in the story. Demanding of ourselves that we wear the subject out and still haven’t said anything. Demanding of ourselves that we look closely and yet haven’t resolved anything. Not to illustrate, define or take photographs. We like to unphotograph things and unname them.”

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