The Last Mine

March 2011. Manol, Jesús, Benjamí and Juan Antonio are the last workers at the Separada Canota mine. The Minera del Bajo Segre mining company, located in Catalonia's last coal region, has been subject to closure. In a move decided upon in some office in some Ministry, the grants they used to receive to carry out the activity have stopped and, after a labour force adjustment plan (collective redundancy), of the previous thirty workers only these four remain.  For over two years they have been going to the mine each day, unpaid, as the facilities have gradually got worse. Upset and waiting are daily occurrences for these four miners looking for a solution for an increasingly irreversible situation. The neglected state of the mine demonstrates the end of the coal industry in Catalonia. Meanwhile, the miners are engaged in their own fight against oblivion.


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