Around the train station of Atocha in Madrid, before taking the protest to Congress. Madrid 25/09/2012
A member of the anarchist syndicate C.G.T protests in front of the Catalan government building on May Day. Barcelona 1/05/2012
Small savers are protesting against the Spanish bank in Barcelona. 16/03/2013
Waiting for a protest. Barcelona 12/05/2013
Arguement about the "indignados" movement during the second anniversary of the protest. Barcelona. 11/05/2013
The "indignados" return to the "Catalonia" square in Barcelona. 13/10/2012
A firefighters protest in Barcelona el 19/09/2012
Occupy Congress in Madrid was a protest against the policy of the Government of Rajoy (PP). Madrid 25/09/2012
Activists of PAH in Barcelona 12/5/2013
A man looks from behind a window at the student demonstration in Barcelona. 17/10/2012
People gather in the street for the second anniversary of the "indignados" movement. Barcelona 12/5/2012
A security guard blocks access to BBVA bank during the general strike in Barcelona. 14/11/2012
Coal miners protest in Madrid against cuts to the industry. Several were hurt in clashes between protesters and police. Madrid 11/07/2012
Firefighters protest against the Catalan Government budget cuts. Barcelona 25/09/2012
Activists knock on the door of a squatted building in the centre of Barcelona during a demonstration of the "indignados". Barcelona 12/05/2013
Activists outside a squatt building during the protest of "indignados" movement. Barcelona 12/05/2013
A security guard looks the activists of the PAH protesting in front of a the Barclays Bank. Barcelona 13/07/2012
Policemen shoot rubber bullets against protesters during a general strike. Barcelona 29/03/2012
A protester breaks the showcase of a Bank during a general strike. Barcelona 29/03/2012
A broken storefront window with a Range Rover during a May Day protest. Barcelona 01/05/2013
A woman demonstrator wounded and arrested in the coal miners’ Black March. Madrid 11/07/2012
Barricade on fire during a student demonstration. Barcelona 29/02/2012
An employee of a restaurant in Barcelona is attempting to put out a fire during student demonstrations. Barcelona 29/02/2012
A man shoots fireworks at the police during the general strike in Barcelona. 14/11/2012
A woman hides clashes during the action "Occupy Congress". Madrid 25/9/2012
Riot police a moment before acting against the demonstration around the Congress in Madrid 25/09/2012
Police car on fire during clash with protesters during the general strike in Barcelona. 14/11/2012



For the past few years there has been unrest on the Spanish streets.  From the smallest to the biggest, from peaceful to violent – the demonstrations are multiplying. They include people from all walks of life,  from the lower class and middle classes.  Those affected by mortgage scandles, small savers, students, workers, public servants and the unemployed, all of them , speaking out against the system.  The government and the banks are their preferred targets and not without reason - since 2008 everyday life for the Spanish has gone from bad to worse. The situation for many families has become unsustainable, and many see remedy in street protests and solidarity.  In Spain, there is a real political crisis taking place between the power and the people.


2012 to 2013

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