Youth Without a Future

Due the financial crisis in Spain, the opportunties to build a future for most of the youth in the Country have disappeared. Dozens of thousands of youngsters well prepared by the University, must face a landscape of high unemployment rates, exile and frustration.  A group of students have created a Movement called " Youth Without a Future" denouncing the cuts to the welfare state by the Spanish Government and UE, and promoting alternative policies to deal with the financial and political crisis (or a swindle as they call it)   The Movement makes strategic decisions in the "real democratic way", where all members have the right to vote and the chance to debate every single proposition.  Closely followed by police, "Youth Without a Future" is often criminalized by the Spanish Government because it has become an important group among the grassroots organizations in Spain.  They take to the streets crying " We won't pay your debts!"

2012 to 2013

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