Espacios protegidos

Protected Areas explores the reaction to the spanish government’s propose to modified to change the abortion law for part of women than see limited their rights. Protected Areas is also a multimedia about the analogy between the woman body and the public area, it’s proposes the metaphoric relation between both than struggle area for the politic and ideologic dominant powers in the actual spanish society.


“The fact that a bill on abortion is proposed in 2014 in Spain after certain vested rights on voluntary termination of pregnancy taken for granted makes us think that what is private is actually defined by what is public.... Turning back to such an important debate and call into question the vested rights on voluntary termination of pregnancy have a violent component to the extent that makes more precarious the existence of women, who obviously are affected, not only by the possible law, even by the debate itself.” -M.C. La Barbera · PhD Researcher from The Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies, Ministry of the Presidence, ES

September 23, 2014, the Spanish Government can give up its reform’s propose and his Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón (reform autor) lets up his position.


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